Student Suggestions and Complaints Policy

SHP Financial Training is committed to forming positive relationships with its students. We are dedicated to creating an environment where all employees fulfil their duties with efficiency, fairness, integrity and due attention. When students provide feedback, SHP Financial Training is committed to solving problems quickly, fairly and with respect for confidentiality.

In order to assist SHP Financial Training to offer a continuous service executed with excellence in services and education, students are encouraged to complete an evaluation questionnaire when requested. Students can also use a complaints form to record suggestions for improvements and point out negative points, and feedback can be delivered formally or informally, as described below:

Informal feedback and complaints

Students can choose to contact any member of the team directly with their feedback and complaints.

Formal feedback and complaints

Formal feedback and complaints about the SHP Financial Training team, its facilities or other problems related to the company can be made in writing using our complaints form and sent to Formal feedback should describe the reason for the concern and indicate the desired action or outcome. The complaint is acknowledged within two business days. Based on the nature of the feedback, the resolution will be implemented where necessary within ten working days. Note: a complaints record book is available to the administrative team, and will be used to record the information.

ACCA students

If you have exhausted both your learning provider complaint’s process and ACCA’s, you can escalate to the appropriate regulator. Details of which can be found on the ACCA website at the following link:

Where we are

All of our classes are offered live online currently being replaced by live online classes until further notice. We would like to thank all of our students for their flexibility as we react to this new reality, it is much appreciated. Recordings are available in case students miss a class. 

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