Financial Recruitment

SHP Financial Recruitment was launched in 2021 to organize the market and broaden recognition of the ACCA, CFA® and Business Valuation qualifications and appreciation of the competencies they confer by focusing exclusively on the professional representation of Brazilian qualification holders and students worldwide.

For students and fully qualified members the scarcity of these qualifications represents both a competitive advantage in the pursuit of executive positions and a challenge in that, being scarce, they are poorly understood by companies and recruitment agencies now active in Brazil.

SHP Financial Recruitment acts as a beacon, attracting attention and promoting those with internationally recognized qualification in finance to ensure that these professionals receive the recognition that they deserve.

Why SHP?

SHP helps individuals and organizations to develop the essential and strategic skills necessary for success.

Where we are

All of our classes are offered live online currently being replaced by live online classes until further notice. We would like to thank all of our students for their flexibility as we react to this new reality, it is much appreciated. Recordings are available in case students miss a class. 


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