Who is the CFA Program for

Top 5 Global CFA Charterholder roles:

  1. Portfolio Manager
  2. Research Analyst
  3. Chief Level Executive
  4. Consultant
  5. Risk Manager


  • Advanced English, as all materials and exams are in English. If you are not confident about your English, contact us for some free resources that may help you.
  • Undergraduate degree (or equivalent experience) or in the last year of undergraduate degree.
  • Registration with CFA Institute.


Regulatory Waivers

  • From Brazil to South Africa and Vietnam to the United Kingdom, the CFA Program is formally recognised by regulators and certification programs in 40 countries and territories. Click here for more information.

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SHP Preparation Options

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Getting Started 

Surveys show that candidates who start to prepare earlier have a higher chance of success in the exam.

How to pass first time?

Receive course fees and more information

Why study with SHP?

  • Course coordination by the coordinator of the first CFA Society preparation course at ANBIMA.
  • All material included in course fee.
  • Unbeatable support for students, with groups of approximately 10 students. We guarantee that you will receive the individual attention that you need.
  • Highly qualified tutors (all have passed the exams that they prepare students for) with relevant professional experience.
  • Proven teaching methodology, focusing on the most highly examined topics in class, and additional support for home study and pre-course reading.
  • Classes given in English.
  • Flexible learning options: live online, face-to-face on Av. Paulista, 2.202, São Paulo, & in-company. Class recordings available.



Recomendo o curso para quem quer passar na prova. É bem completo e dá toda condição de se preparar muito bem. É importante para imprimir um ritmo de estudo adequado, discutir dúvidas e ampliar o entendimento e conhecimento. Além dos professores conhecerem muito o conteúdo, são dadas dicas e estratégias importantíssimas e fundamentais para o estudo e a execução da prova com sucesso. O material é bem abrangente e mais do que suficiente para qualquer candidato estar muito bem preparado.

Eduardo Campos, Lead Partner Vista Finance, CFA® Program Level I Classroom Course student


Next course (9th Edition) – June 2020 Level I CFA Exam 


SHP uses teaching and study material provided by the CFA Institute Prep Provider, Quartic. 


Extra support for Home Study

  • Study Plan.
  • Getting Started Guide.
  • Question surgery via e-mail and WhatsApp.
  • Exam countdown emails and guidance from teachers.
  • Class recordings available for one week after each class in case you miss a class.


Academic Coordinator

Susan Hawkins, CFA, is the founder of SHP and the course coordinator. She has 5 years of full-time training experience and 10 years of professional experience at EY in the United Kingdom and Brazil and at the Bank of England (UK Central Bank) in internal and external assurance, contingency planning for financial institutions and business valuation. She has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, she is a CFA Charterholder and a member of the CFA Society Brazil. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant with ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) and has passed the American Society of Appraisers ASA 1 and ASA 2 exams.



All tutors have passed the exams that they prepare students for. They are also accredited as teachers through the SHP Financial Training Academy. Feedback from one of our students: “The teachers are exceptional, real “coaches” during the preparation for the exam” Lucas Zampieri, Investor Relations Professional, CFA Levels I and II student. 



● Face-to-face: Av. Paulista, 2.202 (next to the Consolação metro station), São Paulo, SP, Brazil, CEP 01310-932.
● Live online: from wherever you are in the world, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How do the live online classes work?

The aim of offering classes online in real time (the classes are also recorded and can be watched later) is that you can join the class wherever you like and still count on the support of the teachers to get your questions answered. The difference between live online and face-to-face classes is just convenience, as you watch the classes together with the face-to-face students in the classroom, joining remotely.

Main benefits of the live online classes:

● Support: students interact with teachers in real time, participating in exactly the same classes as the face-to-face students, enabling them to ask questions and interact during the class through the online learning platform.
● Flexibility: class recordings are also available, enabling students to access the classes at any time from anywhere. This can be an advantage if students want to watch a class again or if they miss a class.
● Networking: all students interact in an online classroom.