Recorded classes – available individually or as a package.

  • Financial Markets & Intermediaries – What does a bank do? Front, middle and back office. Who are a bank’s clients?
  • Risk Management – Credit, market and liquidity risk. Other risks. Capital and Liquidity requirements (Basel III).
  • Equity – Overview of the equity markets in Brazil. Types of equity. Stock issuance, underwriting and secondary trading. Combining equity with a derivatives position. Private Equity – leveraged buyouts (LBOs), venture capital.
  • Fixed Income – types of instrument and features (face value, coupon). Overview of Brazilian fixed income market. Basic bond valuation calculations and analysis of risk.
  • Introduction to Financial Statements – Why do we analyze financial statements (investment decisions, to learn about client)? Overview of the financial statements. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Effect of transactions on income statement and balance sheet (exercise).
  • Financial Statements Analysis – calculation and interpretation of activity, liquidity, solvency, profitability (ROE/ROI/CROCI). Capital and credit analysis (exercise).
  • Valuation – What do we value and why? Approaches (income, market, cost) and inputs (multiples, cost of equity, cost of debt and weighted average cost of capital). Valuation case study.

Class duration: 3 hours per class (recorded classes)
Requirement: Intermediate level of English

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