Why study with us?

How will my earnings potential improve if I take these courses?

Surveys show that ACCA Members and CFA Charterholders earn double the salary of uncertified professionals.


Which course is best for me?


For accounting-related roles (including senior leadership positions).

More information from ACCA: www.accaglobal.com/vn/en/qualifications/why-acca/competency-framework/job-profiles.html.

Job vacancies: https://jobs.accaglobal.com/


CFA Program

For professionals working in the financial markets/investment management.

More information from CFA Institute: www.cfainstitute.org/-/media/documents/factsheet/cfa-charter-factsheet.ashx.

Job vacancies: https://careers.cfainstitute.org/

Top 5 Global CFA Charterholder roles:

  1. Portfolio Manager
  2. Research Analyst
  3. Chief Level Executive
  4. Consultant
  5. Risk Manager


Certified Business Valuation and Financial Modelling

Understanding business valuation can ensure a competitive advantage in many areas. Having a good domain of business valuation and financial modelling is especially useful for professionals in the following areas:

  • Large companies: to evaluate potential acquisitions, to account for an acquisition, to perform impairment tests.
  • Equity research: for sell-side and buy-side analysts to be able to forecast the performance of the companies they are researching.
  • M&A investment, equity and debt: to help, for example, price the issuance of debt or equity.
  • Portfolio management in banks and funds: to understand the impact of changes in the economy or industry on portfolio performance, and to make investment decisions based on that.
  • Private equity: to help you choose investments and structure the ideal financing for the purchase of the company.
  • Consulting: to help understand and propose strategies for client companies.
  • Accounting: to make decisions related to financing and investment.
  • Private banking: to choose the best investments for customers.
  • Professional assessment: to evaluate the intangible assets of a company (brand, customer relationship, technology, among others).

Are the ACCA and CFA certifications equivalent to a Masters degree?

The Diploma in Accounting and Business equates to a Certificate of Higher Education, the Advanced Diploma to a Bachelors degree, and the Strategic Professional to a Masters degree according to UK academic standards,

The CFA Charter is considered to be equivalent to a Masters degree by employers.

How are the courses certified?

SHP Financial Training is accredited by ACCA as a Gold Learning Provider.

The school is also registered with the Federal Council of Accountants as a provider of continuing professional education (CPE). SHP courses offered are eligible for CFC credits.

Can I work abroad?

ACCA has a worldwide reputation for excellence and its rigorous qualifications are recognised and respected across the globe. ACCA has more than 219,000 members and 527,000 students in 179 countries.
The CFA Charter is the highest distinction in the global investment management profession. There are more than 154,000 CFA charterholders worldwide in 165+ countries and regions. CFA Institute has eight offices worldwide and there are 151 local member societies.


What are the requirements for studying with us?

What level of English do I need?

All of our classes are given in English, using material in English, therefore an intermediate or advanced level of English is necessary.

If you are looking for support with your English, the following free resources will help:

ACCA Students with exam exemptions

For students who have exemptions enabling them to skip Steps 2 or 3 of the ACCA programme, SHP has a separate Level Test which students are required to pass in order to proceed to the next Step. We do this as we need to make sure that students have the level of English required to follow the classes and take the exams. If students don’t pass the Level Test, we discuss the options – generally what we recommend is taking at least one of the lower level exam courses, which improves technical knowledge as well as English.


How to I enrol for a course?

Complete our order form here, selecting the course you would like to join: www.shptraining.com/inscricao.

Please select payment method in the order form (upfront with a discount or in instalments by PayPal or boleto). Once we have received your completed order form we will contact you to confirm course payment details.

When are the classes?

SHP Financial Training offers internationally recognised post-graduate courses, short courses and talks in the areas of valuation, finance and accountancy.


  • Diploma in Accounting and Business: Mondays 7-10pm
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business: Saturdays 9am – 1pm


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-10pm

Certified Business Valuation and Financial Modelling

  • 3 consecutive Saturdays 9am – 5pm, once per semester

Where are the classes? Can I study online? What happens if I move abroad?

Location of classes:

● Face-to-face: Av. Paulista, 2.202 (next to the Consolação metro station), São Paulo, SP, Brazil, CEP 01310-932.
● Live online: from wherever you are in the world, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Recordings available in case you miss a class or move to a different timezone.

How do the live online classes work?

The aim of offering classes online in real time (the classes are also recorded and can be watched later) is that you can join the class wherever you like and still count on the support of the teachers to get your questions answered. The difference between live online and face-to-face classes is just convenience, as you can watch the classes together with the face-to-face students in the classroom, joining remotely.

Main benefits of the live online classes:

● Support: students interact with teachers in real time, participating in exactly the same classes as the face-to-face students, enabling them to ask questions and interact during the class through the online learning platform.
● Flexibility: class recordings are also available, enabling students to access the classes at any time from anywhere. This can be an advantage if students want to watch a class again or if they miss a class.
● Networking: all students interact in an online classroom.

Which language are the classes in?

All of the classes are in English.

Will taking the courses help me with local certification?

Portfolio Managers

  • CVM exempts candidates who have passed the CFA Program Level III exam from the knowledge and competency requirements needed to register as a Portfolio Manager.
  • ANBIMA has granted CFA Charterholders a partial exemptionto obtain the CGA certification (Certificação de Gestores). The CGA certification is required to practice as a portfolio manager for an ANBIMA firm.

Research Analysts

  • CVM exempts candidates who have passed the CFA Level II exam from the knowledge of business requirements to register as research analysts. Candidates/Charterholders must still pass an exam on local rules and regulations.


  • CVM exempts candidates who have passed the CFA Level III exam from the knowledge and competency requirements needed to register as a Securities Consultant.
  • PREVIC recognizes the CFA Charter as meeting the knowledge and competency requirements needed to practice as a pension fund manager (dirigente de EFPC).

Who are the teachers?

We have a team of over 20 Tutors who have professional experience in the financial markets and have passed the exams they teach.

They are also certified as teachers through the SHP Training Academy.

We are sure you’ll love them! Here’s what one of our students said:

“Os professores são excepcionais, verdadeiros “coaches” durante preparação para a prova.”

Lucas Zampieri, Profissional de Relações com Investidores, CFA Levels I and II student.

Can I get exemptions from any of the requirements?

ACCA offers exemptions from the Diploma and Advanced Diploma exams to students who have relevant degrees. You can check if you are entitled to exemptions here: https://www.accaglobal.com/an/en/help/exemptions-calculator.html.

ACCA works with select universities around the world, assessing the course syllabus and awarding a number of additional exam exemptions depending on the content. In Brazil. ACCA has partnered with the following universities:

  • Faculdade Fipecafi
  • Fundação Getulio Vargas
  • Pontificia Universidade Catolica De Sao Paulo
  • Universidade De Sao Paulo
  • Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie

Note that exemptions from ONLY the first nine exam are available. All students must sit and pass the Strategic Professional exams in order to become ACCA Members.

ACCA Students

How can I confirm my exam exemptions?

You can check your exemptions are correct by logging into MyACCA and going to Exam Status and Results, then clicking on ”View your Status Report”. Your personalised road map with the course timetables will need to be updated if you have not received the exemptions listed in the matriculation proposal, so please let us know if there are any differences.

How can I pay my exemption fees?

To check what you need to pay, go to MyACCA, then ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATION and Fees, Payments and Print Receipts.

How do I book an exam?

Please follow the guidance in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSEIHJIO_Sw.

How do I record my work experience?

Students should use the online My Experience tool, which is accessed though myACCA, to plan and record your achievement of the Practical Experience Requirement (PER). You should start recording progress towards completing PER as soon as possible. Click here for more information.