Thanks! The Level II CFA Diagnostic Exam really helped me to pass. The shock of the bad results in the mock exam helped to boost my studies, alongside the good revision session we had!

Augusto Gazzola, Equity Analyst at Santander Wealth Management

“I work as an investment broker and always knew a strong technical background supported by a strict code of ethics, was essential to provide clients the best service. The CFA is the right path for investment professionals with this mindset, and that’s why I decided to invest in becoming a charterholder. Moreover, being such a recognized international designation, it can further my career prospects and open doors to new businesses, clients and partnerships. And as financial markets become more and more regulated, technical abilities and ethical practices will be the winners among clients and investments firms.

In preparing for CFA Level 2 I decided to sign up for BPP Momentum Course. I am already familiar with their methodology, having used their materials when studying for CFA Level 1 with SHP. The Momentum structure, with recorded online lectures, provided me the necessary flexibility as I travelled frequently during exam preparation (first semester of 2016). A great differential within the BPP Momentum structure is the ‘achievement ladder’. It is a structure of lectures, practice questions and ‘ladder tests’ that forces the student to review topics already covered at the end of each step (there are 7 in total). This way, you are always grasping concepts studied maybe a bit far back in time. This process allows for building a solid understanding of exam topics towards the finish line. I had absolutely no problem with the recorded lectures, as the examples were very useful for concept checking and the ability to move back-and-forth, especially in the last 2 weeks prior to the exam date, were great. I also interacted with the instructor to get my questions answered. Overall, BPP Momentum was a great experience and helped me get through Level 2!”

Level II CFA Curso Online BPP Momentum

Helvécio Borges, Assessor de Investimentos, Classe Investimentos

“O curso foi muito bom e bem valido. Tinha bastante material, do qual particularmente destaco os testes e simulados, principalmente comparativamente a outras opções de cursos preparatórios. Gostei muito.”

Level II CFA Curso Online BPP Momentum

Elaine de La Rocque, CVM

“I started my career at Barclays in the Equity Research team and today I work with M&A, investments, oil & gas and real estate. I’m taking the CFA exams in order to enhance my employability and gain credibility. Passing the CFA exams attests what I know. This speaks for itself. I like the qualification as the curriculum is very comprehensive (it encompasses all the subjects of the financial market) and due to its strong reputation worldwide.”

Level II CFA Curso Preparatório

Giovanna Siracusa

“Trabalho em Cash Management no J.P. Morgan Brasil e estou fazendo os exames CFA para obter uma visão melhor do ambiente bancário. Meu objetivo é melhorar a minha compreensão de outras áreas como Private Banking e Fixed Income, já que o meu papel é bastante focado em apenas uma linha de negócio. Acredito que o CFA Program vai ajudar a aprofundar meu conhecimento e eventualmente abrir novas possibilidades de carreira, localmente ou no exterior.”

Level II CFA Curso Preparatório

Bruna Vergueiro, Cash Management, J.P. Morgan